A Brand New Kitchen

Selected from the finest quality vintage teak wood from Sabah

Modern Kitchen Teak Cabinets

Installation & finishing by trusted contractors with years of experience

Rustic Teak Kitchen Cabinets

A brand new kitchen made from finest quality Sabah Teak, custom designed and made to your specifications.

Luxury For Life

Teak wood gives a polished look of luxury and warmth, combined with easy maintenance

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Vintage Teak Kitchen Cabinets and Furniture

We create vintage high quality, high value, long lasting genuine solid teak wood for your kitchen

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Building Your Dream Kitchen

Teak is a naturally durable material that our craftsmen use to design a kitchen of your dreams. From a rustic country kitchen to a modern chic kitchen, our custom designs matched your lifestyle.

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Our Guarantee Of Quality

Authentic Teak is a beautiful wood, naturally pest resistant, durable and in the hands of our artisans, a work of art. We work with you to give the the kitchen of your dreams, and our trusted contractors make sure the build is perfect.

We Build Your Dream Kitchen For You

Beautifully Elegant Designed Teak Kitchens

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Teakwood for my kitchen?
Teak offers many benefits – it is a hardwood which makes it very durable and gives long lasting value. It is also naturally resistant to termites, fungi and parasites which means that no pesticide is required in the production of the wood.
What if I want a modern look in my kitchen?
Teak is naturally rustic but being a natural material, we can design the look and functionality of your kitchen to suit your lifestyle. With our designs and manufacturing process, we can give you the look you want for your teak kitchen.
What about maintenance of the wood?
Teak is naturally anti-termite and is a very durable hardwood. Our teak is locally sourced, at least 30 years of age which makes it incredibly strong. Our manufacturing process ensures that you do not need to do anything special to maintain the beauty of your teak kitchen cabinets and floors.
Can you make me a custom designed kitchen?

Sure! Custom designs is what we do. We specialize in teak kitchen designs, from elegant rustic charms to modern chic. We do made-to-order teak kitchen cabinets, teak island counter-tops laid with marble or any material of your choice. We ensure that fit and finish are of the highest standard. We ensure that the quality wood we use are not less than 30 years old. We make sure that our contractors who install the kitchen are committed to the same excellence we strive for.

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