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Choosing and Caring for your Teak kitchen

All About Teak Kitchens

1. What is Teak?
Teak is a close grained tropical hardwood with high oil content and is the highest quality timber available. It is very durable, highly resistant to rot and effects of our tropical climate. Plus the natural oils in the wood requires no chemicals or pesticides are used to treat the wood during production.

Vintage quality teak is rich in natural oils that repel water, this means no specific maintenance required, such as oiling or staining. You can just enjoy and use your kitchen.

Teak is a beautiful golden color when it is harvested. Over time, the wood gradually changes color to a rich warm color that distinguishes teak from other wood.

2. How To Maintain Your Teak Kitchen?
Virtually no maintenance is required other than wiping your teak furniture clean. Most food stains can be washed or wiped off with a mild soap and water solution.

Do not directly expose teak to extreme heat or cold, such a hot saucepan or dry ice. This will leave a mark on the furniture. If this occur, use a solution of laundry detergent and warm water.

You can also use specially formulated cleaners and Teak protection that are available.

3. Rustic and Modern Teak Kitchens
Teak is naturally rustic because it ages beautifully, and the grain adds to the character of a Teak kitchen. Being a natural wood, you can design your kitchen to compliment your lifestyle and interior decor.

Chose between a rustic kitchen or modern chic, we can design and build your dream kitchen for you. Install any modern appliances you want.

Our Teak kitchens are built with solid panels of 30 year old teak wood, 100% grown, processed and manufactured in Sabah.

4. Why Choose A Teak Kitchen?
a) Teak wood is naturally beautiful, rustic and long lasting.
b) Teak kitchen is a luxury and adds value to your home.
c) Selected from the finest quality 30 years old vintage teak wood planted in Sabah.
d) Naturally resistant to termites, fungi and rot.
e) 100% grown, processed and made in Sabah.
5. Design and Installation of Your Kitchen
We work closely with you to come up with the design for your dream kitchen. Then we build it according to the way you want, using authentic solid teakwood.

When production is completed, the installation and finishing will be done by our trusted team of contractors with many years of experience.

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