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Teak Dining and Study Tables

Roman Teak Dining Table

Roman Dining Table

Our Roman Teak Dining Table is designed to be elegant and appear to float in your dining room while ensuring comfort for your guests.

It has excellent leg room clearance, and our design ensures your knees and legs are free from any uncomfortable knocks. By eliminating the corner legs, you immediately sense the freedom of sitting on a table that has no traditional “corners”.

Our Roman Dining Table comes in 2 sizes – perfect for those who stay in apartments and a larger size for those who live in a larger home.

  • Seats 4 to 6 diners – 34 inches X 60 inches X 29.5 inches
  • Seats 6 to 8 diners – 34 inches X 72 inches X 29.5 inches
Rafflesia Multi Purpose Teak Table

English Teak Table

Our Rafflesia series tables are specifically designed to function as a dining table and as a practical study table.

Suitable for small homes, apartments or dual purpose rooms, where the space is multifunctional.

Rafflesia Teak Table can be used as a dining table with ample room for four diners. Our table also functions as a practical study table with three drawers. The drawers are placed high enough so it will not touch your knees when you are sitting down.

  • Table Size: 60 inches X 30 inches X 29.5 inches
  • Comes with 3 full extension drawers

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